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Why iPads?

The iPad is one of the most exciting educational tools I have ever used.The size and weight of the iPad are compatible with small hands making it user friendly for even very young children. The image quality is excellent and seductive. It is sleek and hip...perhaps not something a three year old would be aware of consciously, but somehow they know it's special.

A tremendous amount of creative energy has poured into iPad media production.  There are currently over 200,000 apps available in the App Store. 

Ladybug  Kristin Reiber Harris

The focus of my production work has been educational media for young kids.  A real high point was working with HBO Family on 2 series of animated interstitials broadcast for kids two to five year olds. When I got my iPad and realized that it is an amazingly robust and accessible tool for even very young kids,  I began gearing up for iPad media production myself. I am particularly interested in introducing young children to master artworks from around the world and throughout time.

What Topics:

This blog is about sharing what I have found and continue to discover in this constantly changing universe of art, kids and technology.  I will review iPad apps and kids books, explore digital storytelling and animation, discuss my experiences working with children as an arts educator, provide links to resources available from art museums around the world and interview artists and educators.

My interests:

I feel very fortunate to have a background in fine art and business experience in design, animation and media production.  I have been involved in preschool education, many years of volunteering in elementary classrooms and I teach art, design and animation at Lynchburg College in Central VA. I am a children's docent at the Maier Museum of Art at Randolph College and do children's workshops at the Daura Gallery at Lynchburg College.  I am returning to media production after a hiatus of four years making drawings and woodcuts.   For 15 years my design/animation studio was in the Washington DC area, my hometown.  I am an avid gardener, walker, wife and mother of two adult children.

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