Thursday, March 24, 2016

Prints for Kids

Like many artists, I started drawing as a kid. I remember copying comic strip characters and asking my Mom to help me draw a horse. I am very fond of this photo of painting in our yard as a four year old. I was lucky my Mom indulged me, I'm quite sure I made a big mess.

I am a big fan of keeping that four year old mentality as much as I can.
Lady Bug

Wish On A Dandelion

I was entertained recently as I was flipping through my baby book (no, I don't do that often) to find comments from a nursery school teacher about how much I liked to write and illustrate stories. Fast forward to my life as an adult and what I learned in kindergarten has served me well.

Part of that storytelling has been creating characters. Some of my current favorites are the birds I drew for my app-in-progress Birds, Birds, Birds. I am pleased to be able to offer all of these images as prints.

Orange Chicken

We lived on an old farm and my Dad kept chickens in one of the old barns. As I kid I found them pretty scary because they pecked at my fingers, but I was fascinated. Now there are so many gorgeous varieties.

Purple Chicken
I'm sure at some point we had ducks too.

White Duck

Butterfly Fish Swimming
Hearts send love all year long.

Ducky Valentine

This is the sweetest little blue bird, I had to get two views of her.

Valentine Bird 2
Valentine Bird 1
It's amazing what some animals can do.

Hand to Toe
Boat Pose
Half Moon
Enjoy, I hope you find something that makes you smile. They are wonderful additions to any home; great baby gifts, birthday presents or art for anywhere.

These images are also available from our website

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